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Blind Screen is an innovative new system that seamlessly integrates a blackout thermal blind, a dimout thermal blind, and a fly screen.

It works as each of these components individually and can even combine two functions at the same time.

By sliding it to the left, you activate the fly screen feature; slide it to the right, and you get a complete blackout solution.

Not only have Blind Screen achieved the thermal efficienct solution in the UK, but it also stacks back to almost nothing when not in use, taking up little space.

Amidst escalating utility costs, Blind Screen stands out for its superior thermal performance.

This versatile blind not only offers practicality but also ensures comfort by keeping you warm during winter and cool in summer.

With its ability to ward off insects and provide complete blackout, Blind Screen truly excels in meeting all your needs.


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High Quality Blind Screen Products Derbyshire – Keep The Insects Out!

Discover the perfect blend of modern functionality and contemporary style with Blind Screens, your premier choice for updating your home or office blinds.

With an array of sleek designs to choose from, including net/fly screens for added insect protection, Blind Screen offers both practicality and elegance.

Elevate your space with easy-to-operate blinds that not only enhance your interior but also provide an extra layer of comfort and convenience.

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Blind Screen Dual

Introducing Blind Screen Dual, the ultimate solution for elevating your home or office with modern sophistication and practicality.

Blind Screen Dual works on Bifold Doors and can also be used as a room divider, making it  incredibly versatile product.

Our Thermol honeycomb blinds are engineered to regulate temperature, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the seasons.

Achieve unparalleled privacy and light control with our full blackout option, perfect for creating a tranquil ambiance in any room.

Trusted Blackout Blinds Designers & Fitters in Derbyshire

Natural light can be delightful but not when it disrupts your sleep or causes glare on your screens.

Fortunately, blackout blinds offer a solution! As experts in blackout blinds, Liberty Blinds has outfitted countless homes and offices across the Derbyshire area with custom blackout window treatments.

Our extensive selection includes blackout Roller, Vertical, Roman and Velux roof blinds, tailored to suit any space.

In Derbyshire, blackout blinds are highly sought-after for their ability to block out light effectively.

Additionally, their insulating properties help conserve energy by minimising heat loss, leading to reduced utility bills and environmental benefits.

Why choose Liberty Blinds for Blind Screen Blinds

  • Slimline design fits seamlessly into any window space
  • Thermol honeycomb blinds help regulate temperature for comfort
  • Full blackout option perfect for privacy and blocking out light
  • Update any room with the modern and contemporary design of Blind Screen Blinds

Blackout Blinds Styles & Options in Derbyshire

When it comes to blackout blinds, there's no shortage of styles to choose from. Whether you prefer the sleek simplicity of roller blinds or the timeless elegance of Roman blinds, there's a perfect option for every space. At Liberty Blinds, we offer a diverse range of made-to-measure blackout blinds tailored to meet the needs of Derbyshire's offices and homes.

Here are some of the blackout blind styles we supply:

  • Roller blinds: Ideal for a clean and contemporary look, roller blinds offer effortless light control and privacy.
  • Roman blinds: With their soft folds and luxurious appearance, Roman blinds add a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Velux blinds: Designed specifically for Velux windows, these blinds provide blackout coverage while complementing the window's design.
  • Vertical blinds: Versatile and practical, vertical blinds are perfect for large windows and sliding doors, offering excellent light control options.

No matter your preference or the size of your windows, we have the perfect blackout blind solution to enhance your space in Derbyshire.

Benefit from Our Blackout Blinds Expertise & Experience in Derbyshire

At Liberty Blinds, we understand the importance of achieving the perfect balance between style, functionality and practicality when it comes to outfitting your space with blackout blinds.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Customisation:
    With a wide range of fabrics, colours and styles available, we provide personalised solutions that complement your interior decor perfectly.
  • Precision Measurement:
    This attention to detail ensures that your blackout blinds provide optimal coverage, enhancing both privacy and light control in your space.
  • Expert Installation:
    Leave the hassle of installation to our skilled professionals.
  • Enhanced Light Control:
    With expertly fitted blackout blinds, you can enjoy unparalleled light control in your home or office.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency & Thermal Control:
    Blind Screen Blinds incorporate a honeycomb screen that provides 100% blackout, alongside a mesh net fly screen. 

    This design enables you to block out light entirely or invite fresh air in while preventing pests from entering your space.
    Remain comfortable throughout every season with Blind Screen thermal honeycomb screens, shielding your home from both scorching heat and biting cold.

  • Long-Term Investment:
    Investing in professional made-to-measure blackout blind fitting is a long-term investment in the comfort, aesthetics and functionality of your space.
  • Low-Maintenance:
    Stay cool during the summer months and enjoy your living area in complete comfort. The water-resistant fabric from Blind Screen ensures easy cleaning, while anti-pollen fly screens offer relief for allergy sufferers. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and comfort with Blind Screen!

At Liberty Blinds, we take pride in delivering superior blackout blind solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Contact us today to schedule a free home visit and consultation and experience the difference of professional made-to-measure blind fitting firsthand.

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